About Us




Online Spices is dedicated to provide unique homemade Indian sweets to match your desired taste. We also provide spices, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and decoration items directly from India right to your doorstep... wherever you may be located. And, also, we make available to you a lot of exclusive, beautiful decorative items, cloths from India- original items.

We are known for the quality, undiluted, and unique handcrafts we provide, created in India and supplied to the main cities in India, Germany, France and Europe.

Why Trust Us

Online Spices is the first website that actually knows your taste, and it is created to provide unmatched, quality handcrafts and decorations from India; and also provide you with sweets, spices, vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish... right from India.

Our top professionals have been trained to attend to your queries almost immediately. Also, our website has been designed to make your search and shopping seamless.

Finally, we make all these beautiful and carefully made products available to you at your doorstep. You don’t have to travel all the way down to get what you want... we bring the real Indian products... at the least price you can think of... within the shortest period.

Our Goal

We plan to expand to every major city in various countries in Europe and also to the Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, etc.

For more information of how we can supply you with any of the products we provide, please leave a message behind for us, and our ever-ready professionals will attend to you as soon as they receive it.

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